Hi !

Hi !

Frau sucht Mann
gesuchte Altersgruppe:
von: 50,
bis: 60
Altersgruppe: Über 50,
Alter: ca. 52
Größe in cm: 178
Gewicht in kg: 85
Nationalität: österreichisch
kann kochen
Beruf: Masseurin, Lebensberaterin, Energetikerin
Bildung: Abitur,
Berufsausbildung, diverse Fortbildungen

Eigenschaften: Stier

Eigenschaften: gesprächig, humorvoll, gefühlvoll, aufgeschlossen, sensibel, treu, ehrlich, zuverlässig, gutmütig, natürlich
aktiv mit anpacken, rücksichtsvoll
fröhlich, naturverbunden, tierlieb
romantisch, treu, zärtlich, einfühlsam
Wandern, Hunde, Mantrailing, Lesen
Fremdsprachen: Englisch
Wandern mit meinen Hunden, Lesen, Wellness
Land: Österreich
PLZ: 2700
Ort: Wiener Neustadt

Nickname: SuMay
Beschreibung: Hi !

I am honest, open, sincere and loyal and I treasure these qualities in others too. I am here because I want a honest long lasting relationship with a loving partner that may lead to marriage.

I have a good sense of humor and I find things to laugh about every day.
I have also a good sense of love and I find moments of love every day because I love live.
I am an optimistic person but I'm not superficially. I like good conversation and even debate. I like people who have their own opinion and a strong will.

I like animals very much - I have three dogs and six cats - so I'm looking for a man who likes animals as much as I do !!!

I love nature and going out for looooooong walks, I like every kind of weather . . . . (okay, I'm afraid of thunderstorms) . . .

I don't like parties, rock-concerts, crowds of people, arrogance, humour that hurts or discriminates others, fanaticism, violence, . . .

I'm looking for a caring partner, a real friend and a passionate lover - to stay with him for the rest of my live.
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